Hit-Girl In Papa Don’t Preach


Just this last month, Mark Millar ran a contest to seek out some new writers for short comics about his character. I wrote this piece for Hit-Girl, but didn’t win. I figured I would post it here so that all of you lovely people could give it a read. Please keep in mind that this is not for profit and I do not own copyrights to this character. It was my submission to a contest. I hope you enjoy it. Also please keep in mind that this is Hit-Girl, so the language is NSFW.


Hit-Girl in Papa Don’t Preach

Script by David Winnick

Page One

1/ Open on a man in his mid-40s’: his name is Elijah Peck. Peck is holding a doctor at gunpoint. He stands behind her, the barrel of his gun pressed against the side of her head, his arm wrapped around her neck tightly. On Peck’s right cheek is a tattoo of a cross. Across his forehead is a tattoo which reads Job 12:10

Hit-Girl Voice Over: This fuck-face is Elijah Peck, but his followers call him The Pope.

Peck: You Murdering bitch, how dare you!

2/ Pan out to show Peck standing in front of a Planned Parenthood office. A gangly group of his followers has surrounded a handful of women some of whom are visibly pregnant. Half of the followers carry anti-abortion signs while the other half carry guns.

Hit-Girl Voice Over: He and his lap dogs have been making their way across the country, posting videos of their spree.

Peck: You are the hand of Satan, guiding these women to the gates of Hell.

3/ Close-up on the doctor’s face. Tears are running down her cheeks. Peck’s eyes are just visible over the top of the gun.

Dr.: Please don’t. This isn’t even an abortion clinic.

Peck: The Devil’s tongue tells only lies.

4/ Peck fires his gun, blowing the doctor’s brains out of the far side of her head.

No dialogue.


Page Two

1/ Cut to Hit-Girl. She is pissed off. In her right hand is her sword, and she is ready to use it.

Hit-Girl: Hey, cocksucker! I’m going to give you the throat-fucking of your life.

2/ Peck turns his gun toward Hit-Girl

Peck: Kill her!

3/ Hit-Girl dodges a hail of bullets.

No Dialogue

4/ Hit-Girl slices through the head of one of Peck’s followers.

No Dialogue

5/ Hit-Girl kicks the next of Peck’s followers in the crotch. He lets out a gasp of pain.

Follower: Gah!


Page Three

1/ This is a long panel across the top of the page. A woman is fleeing in the background. She is incredibly pregnant, on the verge of birth. A stray bullet is passing through her back. In the foreground, Hit-Girl is proceeding forward, having just dodged the same bullet which has hit the pregnant woman.

Pregnant Woman: Ah!

2/ Hit-Girl lops off the hand Peck is holding his gun in.

No Dialogue

3/ This is the largest panel. Hit-Girl has thrust her sword through Peck’s mouth. The blade is sticking out through the back of his skull. Blood is dripping down the sword.

Hit-Girl: If any of you shit stains are still there when I turn around…


Page Four

1/ The pregnant woman is laying on the ground. Blood is dripping from the corner of her mouth

Woman: Help.

Hit-Girl Voice Over: Her lungs are filling with blood. She’s drowning.

2/ Hit-Girl kneels before the pregnant woman.

Woman: Help

Hit-Girl: You’re dying. No one can change that.

Woman: Baby.

3/ Hit-Girl uses her sword to cut a C-section in the woman’s uterus. The woman is screaming.


4/ Hit-Girl pulls out the baby. It is covered in blood and viscera. The child is crying.

Baby: Wa! Wa! Wa!

5/ Hit-Girl is placing the baby on the dead mother’s chest.

Hit-Girl Voice Over: I can hear the sirens a couple blocks away. I can’t be here when the cops show up.

Hit- Girl Voice Over: They’ll know what to do with the kid.




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